Time, Money and Accounting

Madonna sings that “Time goes by so slowly”. Money makes the world go around. Talk is cheap, money buys the whiskey.

The skipper will tell you that time and tide waits for no man, if you have been on a boat which is dependent on the tide to depart from a beach, this is very clear. If you have kids, you will understand when someone asks, “Where did the time go?”. We all wish we could have more time, or less time. Fact is, we cannot increase or decrease time. We have a specific amount of time available to us, irrespective of who we are, or what we do. We often would say we have to “make time”. How?

Of the two commodities mentioned above, one can be lost and made, and the other not. Money can be made and money can be lost. Choosing an Accounting or Financial Management partner is of the utmost importance in the money stakes. Outcor Financial Management and Outcor Accounting believes that finances are central to any business, and a residential community is serious business.

While there is no “trading” done within such a residential community, the turnover is generated by levies paid, and just like a business this represents the Debtors Book. If the Debtors Book is huge the business will be in financial trouble. Outcor delivers a statement of record of the Debtors Book on a weekly basis to empower the estate manager to ensure that the Debtors Book is managed properly. Another area of serious concern is when an owner is arrears, and interest and penalties needs to be calculated. Outcor will manage these calculation for each home owner, and deliver these specific reports to the state manager, once again giving the manager more control.

Outcor Financial Management is not able to create more time. Our service to the residential estate manager is to deliver reporting that ensures the facts and data are at hand, on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis. This ensures that the manager can manage his or her time so much better. The financial investment to have Outcor Financial Management as your estates’ accountant is insignificant compared to the financial benefits. Outcor Financial Management advisory service is such that investments are managed and recommendations made to ensure a healthy investment status, where the interest earned almost covers the investment in the Outcor service. Time is the most precious commodity available to man. Ask that person that is one second late…
Once time is lost, it cannot be made back or recovered.

It is TIME to talk to Outcor to ensure that as an estate manager your time is managed efficiently as far as the financial management of the estate is concerned. Your investment will make you money.