Outcor Financial Management process hundreds of business and personal tax returns on an annual basis. Through our tax planning, we help you identify tax deductions or credits appropriate for your unique situation and help you identify opportunities for potential tax reductions previously overlooked. We understand how complex the tax environment can be, and have the expertise to help you integrate the best solutions for your family, or your organization.

Business Tax Services

There are many opportunities available today that provide relief to growing businesses. We provide tax consulting services for companies from the start-up stage to multi-national organizations. Our tax consulting team can provide you with a complete range of tax compliance services necessary to minimize your overall income tax liability.

Individual Tax Services

Personal tax and financial planning encompasses complex issues for financially successful individuals and families. We provide independent personal tax and financial planning advice on your individual taxes, personal financial planning, and retirement planning services.

Whether you are an individual filing a tax return, Outcor Financial Management can provide you with the right expertise. In most cases, we offer a complimentary initial consultation to assess your ability to save taxes through retroactive filing and better future structuring.