Stay financially stable and compliant during COVID-19 Lockdown

South Africa also received the horrifying news of a national lockdown period like the rest of the world. It, unfortunately, is a condition found in the Macro Economy and unavoidable.

It is, however, important to remain on top of your business requirements and tackle the challenges head-on.

Outcor has for some time now been operating in a cloud environment as far as all of our technology is concerned. We are able to ensure that business finances and compliance remain a top priority during any challenging time business might face. These technologies at our disposal do empower us to:

1. Keep all accounting affairs up to date at all times;
2. Ensure that all statutory compliance is kept up to date to empower you to promptly get back into business after the crisis;
3. Meet with you face to face by using the technology available such as Teams, Zoom and Skype;
4. Continue to offer the best financial management advice you need during challenging times.

It is of more importance to frequently be in discussions with your accountants during tough times than during the easier times.

Contact us today and let us electronically meet up and tailor a financial solution that will help you and your business survive the tough times and prepare your business to thrive during the better times ahead.

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