Outcor Statutory and Company Secretarial Services in Johannesburg covers a wide array of services particular to the documenting and legalities of company information.

What are Statutory and Company Secretarial Services?

Statutory and company secretarial services are a set of services that help businesses comply with legal and regulatory requirements related to the formation, operation, and management of a company. These services are typically provided by specialized firms or professionals known as company secretaries or statutory agents.

Statutory Services include a range of tasks that are required by law for companies to fulfill, such as:

  1. Incorporation: Assisting with the process of registering a company with the appropriate government agency and obtaining any necessary licenses or permits.
  2. Annual returns: Preparing and filing annual returns and other reports required by law, such as annual accounts, annual general meeting (AGM) and directors’ report.
  3. Meetings: Managing the scheduling, notices and agendas for meetings, such as annual general meetings, as well as taking and maintaining minutes of such meetings.
  4. Changes to company details: Managing the process of updating company details, such as changes of director, company name, and registered office address.
  5. Maintaining statutory records: Maintaining statutory records such as register of members, register of directors, and share certificates.

Company Secretarial Services, on the other hand, are services that are not legally required but are considered good corporate governance practice, they may include:

  1. Corporate governance: Providing advice and support on corporate governance best practices, such as developing policies and procedures to ensure compliance with laws and regulations.
  2. Board support: Providing administrative support for board meetings and committees, such as scheduling, preparing agendas, and taking minutes.
  3. Company compliance: Monitoring and managing compliance with laws and regulations applicable to the company, such as filing of accounts and reports.
  4. Share registration and transfer: Managing the issuance, transfer, and cancellation of shares, as well as maintaining the register of shareholders.
  5. Corporate action: Managing the process of corporate actions such as dividend payments and issuing new shares.
  6. Administration of Employee Share Schemes: Managing, administering and reporting on any share schemes offered to the employees.

The combination of statutory and company secretarial services provides a company with a comprehensive compliance solution, ensuring that the company is following all legal and regulatory requirements, and maintaining good corporate governance standards across the board.


Outcor Statutory and Secretarial Services

  • Transfer of shares in a regulated company
  • Deregistration
  • Restoration of a Company – Including Property Holdings
  • Income TAX Registration
  • VAT Registration
  • Defensive Name – New Application
  • Name Reservation
  • Appointment of Public Officer OR Company Secretary
  • Sale of Shelf Company
  • Memorandum of Incorporation
  • Formation Of Company
  • Formation of an External Company
  • Conversion of Close Corporation Into a private Company

General Services

  • Minute and resolutions
  • Dividend resolution
  • Auditors Certificate for Bond Purposes
  • Copies of documents
  • Annual general meeting minutes
  • Consent not to hold annual general meeting
  • Minute taking
  • Minute book
  • Red register
  • Import/Export

Liquidation Services

  • Statutory Audit
  • Formation Of Trusts
  • Change To Trust In Respect Of Trustees
  • Close Corporation
  • Change Of Registration office
  • Restoration of CC