Many business owners find some aspects of managing a business and the various tasks involved therein to be tedious, even confusing, and would rather focus their attention on sales and making the business profitable. That’s where we come in. By offering expert payroll management services, Outcor Payroll gives businesses, big and small, the peace of mind that they can focus on what they do best without neglecting other areas.

At Outcor Payroll, we don’t see ourselves as an outsourced service provider and neither should you. We partner with our clients, ensuring that they get the best service possible from experienced, professional payroll experts who deliver on time and, more importantly, accurately.

In an ever-changing environment where labour laws and SARS requirements are continuously being updated and adjusted, it is important for businesses to partner with someone who possesses professional knowledge on the matter and stays abreast of all developments. At Outcor Payroll, that’s exactly what you can expect. We provide complete and up to date legal compliance with all aspects of your payroll.

By outsourcing the task of managing your payroll to Outcor, you receive the added benefit of reducing your direct and indirect payroll administration costs, you don’t pay for specialised software licensing and you have our payroll expertise at your fingertips.

For more information on how Outcor Payroll can assist in making sure that your business runs more efficiently, contact us today!